Perfume & Fragrance

Perfume/Fragrance Packaging

The Prestigious Perfume and Fragrance Market is one of the most competitive luxury brand industries in the world. Pacific Packaging Components, Inc. has been a trusted supplier and partner to High-End Fragrance and Perfume brands for more than four decades. Our strong relationships with quality factories all over the world allow us to source and create quality fragrance packages that are like jewels — as incredibly unique and precious as the fragrance evokes. Working with the most talented suppliers in South Korea, Europe, China, and India gives us the ability to create a special look for each customer. We can create your own perfume packaging magic — be it from an off-the-shelf or stock-package option that has been decorated and finished to the customer’s specifications, or a custom mold with a unique look that is one-of-a-kind — the possibilities are truly endless. Contact one of our experienced Fragrance Packaging Specialists today!