With Flairosol comes a truly innovative and unique package designed to bridge the gap between triggers and aerosols.

Not only does it have a sleek and stylish look fit for both high-end and money-conscience products alike, but the Flairosol also comes with an array of features to match:

  • The Flairosol is both propellant and aerosol-free, while still retaining its airless integrity of the products (Perfect for brands who wish to move/stay away from the environmental, health, and safety hazards associated with aerosols).
  • The high-quality mist-list spray spreads evenly and perfectly on all surfaces.
  • The package maintains a continuous spray, allowing for quick and even coverage of the product (fixed output of 1.25cc per second).
  • Finally, the Flairosol is able to spray in all directions (including upside-down) to reach difficult areas.

On top of this, the Flairosol’s great shelf appeal and superior ergonomics help to advance your brand in eyes of consumers and create excitement at the point of purchase.

Dimensions: 300ml Capacity    –     H 245mm x L 60mm x  W 60mm



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