Push Button Dropper

PPC is proud to present the one-of-a-kind Child-Resistant Push Button dropper. Made to perfectly compliment our 15ml and 30ml Boston Round bottles, the push button dropper maintains a very sleek and stylish look. The Push Button Dropper comes equipped with an aluminum over-shell and button and with push-down-and-turn child-resistant feature. It is currently stocked in two…


Pop-Up Sprayers

This new and unique fragrance delivery system presents an actuator pump that moves up and down with one simple click, eliminating the need for a separate closure (goodbye to losing the perfume lid in your purse). The inner glass bottle creates a perfect combination of style and function in one package. Also, the bottle can… Details
Cannabis Group with CRCs

Cannabis/Marijuana Jars

Low-Profile HDPE Jars These low-profile jars are designed to flush perfectly with the 53mm, 70mm, and 89mm Child-Resistant Closures (CRC). The Jars are available in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz sizes making them perfect for the medical/recreational Cannabis/Marijuana markets! The CRC's and opaque color of the jars make them suitable for any product that requires child-resistant… Details


The SERUMONY is an amazing break through in airless dispensing technology! The serumony's minimalistic design offers one touch dispensing with and intuitive gesture for excellent production evacuation. It allows for 360 degree dispensing and is both spill-proof and leak-proof. Specs: 15ml Measured Dosage (70mcl) PP (polypropelyne) Inner Barrel Bi-injected cap with anti-drying inset Metal collar,… Details

Powder Sprayer

The PPC Powder Sprayer "This ain't your Mama's baby powder bottle!" This amazing powder sprayer unit evacuates various densities of powder formulas making it ideal for baby powder, anti-fungal skin or wound treatments, flea and tick powders, and dry shampoos! The powder sprayer uses an innovative high-power vacuum design to evacuate the powder within and… Details

The Last Drop

OUR AWARD WINNING PACKAGE! The Last Drop bottle has a highly unique and patented reservoir built into the heavy-weight glass designed to catch every precious drop of your high-end liquid! These spectacular bottles are stocked in 30ml rounded square in graduated Black/Blue, Frosted, Clear, and Amber colors. Droppers are available with either Gold or Silver over-shells. Decoration options… Details